Victoria Ruef Design - Designing and styling for your home
For Victoria Ruef, the seeds of creativity were planted early in life. With parents who studied costume design, built mid century modern furniture and sculpted in wire and wood, it was inevitable that Victoria pursued art studies growing up. 
While studying art in college, a career in the airline industry allowed Victoria  opportunities to travel internationally. 
She gathered design and style inspiration from the fashion houses, galleries and architectural wonders that she visited. Her myriad artistic interests culminated in a multi-faceted design-focused career that included working in a prestigious art museum, a boutique design firm and at the Seattle Design Center.
Victoria Ruef Design was established 8 years ago to help clients define and translate their vision of their home into reality. Victoria's design philosophy features sophisticated colors and a refined use of textiles and furnishings. 
Interior Design & Interior Environment Services:
  • Residential space planning
  • Color palette development
  • Facilitating purchases of furnishings, fabrics, flooring, wall and window coverings and lighting
  • Surface materials selection
  • Custom furniture design
  • Accessorizing
  • Staging
  • Downsizing solutions
  • Pet-friendly decorating
Lifestyle Consulting:
  • Entertaining
  • Personal color and style
  • Shopping
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